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Tom Webster, speaker and Senior Vice President of Edison Research

June 26, 2018

Tom Webster is a Senior Vice President of Edison Research, a custom market research company best known as the sole providers of exit polling data during US elections for all the major news networks. He has nearly 20 years of experience researching consumer usage of technology, new media and social networking, and is the principal author of a number of widely-cited studies, including The Social HabitTwitter Users in America, and the co-author of The Infinite Dial, America’s longest running research series on digital media consumption. He is also the co-author of The Mobile Commerce Revolution, and a popular keynote speaker on data and consumer insights. He writes about all of these topics at and on Twitter at @Webby2001. Tom shared such great tips that the podcast ran a bit longer than I hoped and I felt miserable having to leave many of his juicy nuggets on the cutting room floor.

You can find the transcripts and link to products and places mentioned in this podcast at

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