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Limitless Business Travel with Laura Gassner Otting

October 3, 2018

As a professional motivational keynote speaker, Laura Gassner Otting helps innovators, idealists, and critics get “unstuck” in their thinking. Because she is turned on by The Big Idea, she encourages executives and professionals to seek amazing results. She motivates others to pursue the larger-than-life goal they can’t seem to shake. Laura is an instigator and a motivator and she has never met a revolution she didn’t like.

Laura inspires audiences to push past the doubt and indecision that keep great ideas in limbo because her presentations make professionals think bigger and accept greater challenges that reach beyond their limited scope of belief. She delivers strategic thinking, well-honed wisdom, and perspective generated by decades of navigating change across the start-up, nonprofit, political, as well as philanthropic landscapes. Laura dares listeners to find their voice, and generate the confidence needed to tackle larger-than-life challenges. She leads them to seek new ways of leading, managing and mentoring others.

Laura’s entrepreneurial edge comes from her extensive 25-year resume. She served as a Presidential Appointee in Bill Clinton’s White House, helping shape AmeriCorps. She left a leadership role at respected nonprofit search firm, Isaacson, Miller, to expand the startup Laura also founded and ran the Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group, which partnered with the full gamut of mission-driven nonprofit executives, from start-up dreamers to scaling social entrepreneurs to global philanthropists. Above all, Laura is the author of Mission-Driven, a book for those moving from profit to purpose.

Watch for Laura’s upcoming book Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life to hit shelves in April 2019.

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